Kadai Masala – Spice Powder for Kadai Preparations

Kadai Masala is the base spice powder for any Kadai Preparations. Make this spice powder in large quantities and store it in an air tight container. You can now use this for any Kadai Preparations, be it Kadai Paneer, Kadai Mushroom, Kadai vegetable. So there you go! Here's the recipe for the same. Ingredients: Dry … Continue reading Kadai Masala – Spice Powder for Kadai Preparations


Instant Mango Pickle – Kerala Style

Pickle is one of those items I have always had at my home. It is a perfect condiment that goes well along with rice. You don't need many items to make an awesome lunch. Rice, a simple dal, Pappad and Pickle - I would say its a perfect lunch menu. This Instant Mango pickle, as … Continue reading Instant Mango Pickle – Kerala Style