Puffed Rice/Murmura/Borugulu Mixture

Evening Tea is a must for me & my husband and if you have a snack to munch on while sipping some hot hot tea, that enhances the taste of a simple tea/chai. When you have young kids at home, you are always on lookout for healthy snacks to feed them as well. Indian Mixture … Continue reading Puffed Rice/Murmura/Borugulu Mixture


Phool Makhana/Lotus Seed Gravy

I very recently happen to see one of the TV cookery shows, where the chef used "Phool Makhana". That's when I started to dig further about it & found that its high in fiber, protein & very low in calories too. Also known as Lotus seed/ Fox nut, it also serves as a wonderful snack … Continue reading Phool Makhana/Lotus Seed Gravy

Saag Paneer/ Indian Cheese in Mixed Greens!

Saag Paneer is an amazing dish of Paneer with lots of goodness of the mixed greens. I have had Saag Paneer a number of times but it was during our trip to Lake Tahoe two weeks back, we got a chance to taste this yummy dish at one of the Indian restaurants at Tahoe. There … Continue reading Saag Paneer/ Indian Cheese in Mixed Greens!


Today I am going to introduce to you all a very popular Kerala Sadya (festive lunch) dish through my post. Avial is a must have for any kerala sadya. And you ask any malayalee, Avial is sure to make it to the favorite sadya dishes list. Its a veg curry mixed with raw cocount, raw … Continue reading Avial

Tomato Rice

Instant Pot (IP) - One of my favorite Kitchen Gadgets these days. I was introduced to this wonder pot by my cousin during one of my family visits to San Diego. I thought this was just yet another rice cooker. But once I started using it, I was so impressed by its various features. Especially … Continue reading Tomato Rice